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Saving double, controversial expulsion, bitter defeat … Antoine Griezmann went through all the emotions against Liverpool

Author of a double this Tuesday in the Champions League, the French international was sent off in the second half and saw his numerically inferior team bow to Liverpool (2-3).

From laughter to tears, there is only one step. Antoine Griezmann had a funny evening against Liverpool, this Tuesday in the Champions League (2-3). However, the meeting had ideally started for the native of Mâcon. Led 0-2 after the achievements of Mohamed Salah and Naby Keita, Antoine Griezmann donned the superhero costume by scoring a double that put the teams tied. For half time, Antoine Griezmann has finally found sensations in his garden, the audience of Colchoneros pampering him again. A short-lived joy. Upon returning from the locker room, the 2018 world champion, guilty of a dangerous gesture on Firmino was excluded by Daniel Siebert. Outnumbered, his teammates suffered against the Reds, and yielded on a new goal from Salah. At all levels, Antoine Griezmann left his mark on a spectacular meeting.

A benchmark match in the game

From the ascension to the frustracion»Headlined the Mundo Deportivo to evoke a bitter defeat for the Colcheneros, who point five lengths from Liverpool before a perilous trip to Anfield. Qualification is threatened for the men of Simeone, tied with Porto in Pool B. However, the Colchoneros are one with their player.

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After a mixed start to the season, Antoine Griezmann takes advantage of the late return of Luis Suarez to start holder against Liverpool. Still looking for his first La Liga goal in five games, the former Barça knows he is expected. Alongside a Joao Felix of the great evenings, Griezmann and Atletico suffered the wrath of Liverpool in the first quarter of an hour and conceded two beautiful goals, from Salah and Keita. The perfect moment to put on his savior cape again in the most prestigious of European competitions for the French international. In the 20th minute, the attacker turns into a real surface fox by cleverly taking a strike from Koke.

Half an hour into the game, at the end of a round action led by Joao Felix, Antoine Griezmann takes the best of Virgil Van Dijk on a control oriented of high class, and finds the way of the net with a crossed strike.

In the space of 15 minutes, Antoine Griezmann had completely revived his team. A performance hailed by Diego Simeone.

“The performance is appreciated by watching the game, in everything he did, how he got along with João, Lemar, De Paul … How they worked defensively on the inside.”

A feat already achieved in Milan during the previous match. At half-time, all the lights are green, Antoine Griezmann then in all the good shots is erected as a hero.

A gesture that causes debate

The second act will take a whole different turn. After the break, Griezmann’s game turned into a nightmare in the 52nd minute of play. Late, the Frenchman struck Roberto Firmino in the face, who remained on the ground. Hesitant, Daniel Siebert approaches, and decides to send the number 8 back to the locker room. Despite pressure from his own, the decision remains unchanged, and Griezmann leaves his teammates at 10.

A fault which crystallizes the passions where two schools of thought clash.
“He looks at the ball, at no time does he see the rival. It is not to be from Atlético, it cannot be red and less in the Champions League. How are we transforming football? ” ex-club player Kiko said.

For the former referee, Iturralde Gonzàlez, the decision is justified. “The intention in football has been taken away.”

Outnumbered against the proteges of Jürgen Klopp, Atlético folds and breaks in the 78th minute on a new achievement from Mohamed Salah. “We were in another game before Griezmann’s red card. We have to run 110%Felipe explained after the match.

We know that when we win we all win and when we lose we all are too. There is no mistake either way. and that’s howHermoso said.

Supported by his club, Antoine Griezmann has his eyes fixed on Sunday and a match against his former team, Réal Sociedad, in order to reiterate the beautiful promises observed in the game.

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