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Say that the corona is done – listen to the alleged audio of talks between Lalu Yadav and BJP MLA

Former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister and BJP’s strongman Sushil Modi accused RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav of plotting to topple the NDA government from inside the jail. Meanwhile, an audio of the alleged conversation between RJD President Lalu Yadav and BJP MLA Lalan Paswan has also gone viral.

‘Bihar Tak’ has shared the audio of this conversation on its Twitter handle. In this conversation, Lalu Yadav is seen asking Lalan Paswan to change his face.

What’s in this audio ?: At the beginning of the conversation Lalu Yadav congratulates Lalan Paswan on his victory. Lalan Paswan thanks him on this. After this Lalu says, “Listen well, we will take you forward. You will support us in the Speaker’s election tomorrow, we will make you a minister. Tomorrow we will drop this government… Got it.

To this, Lalan Paswan says, ‘We are in the party, no sir…’. Lalu says that if you are in the party, then shunt. Corona was done, say it. Then the speaker will not be ours. After this we will see. On this, Lalan Paswan says that ‘all is in your knowledge, we will talk on it’.

After the alleged audio went viral, RJD has hit back at Sushil Modi and said that if the BJP is not giving him a quote, then he wants to cross his staircase by taking Lalu’s name. Let me tell you that this is not the first time that BJP has made such an allegation, even before it has accused the Grand Alliance of trying to bring down its government.

Earlier, Sushil Modi had said in a tweet that Lalu Yadav is giving the greed to change the room by calling legislators from inside the jail. He also released a phone number in his tweet and wrote that Lalu Yadav is calling legislators from this number and giving him the greed for the post of minister.

When Modi called on that number, Lalu picked up the phone. After this, Sushil Modi also warned him to stop such dirty acts. No information has been revealed yet about the veracity of viral audio.

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