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Scam live streaming match Vietnam – Malaysia World Cup 2022 qualifiers

Friday, June 11, 2021 20:05 PM (GMT+7)

Many YouTube channels have used the Premiere feature to “hang a goat’s head, sell dog meat” to trick people who want to watch the Vietnam – Malaysia match live late on 11/6.

On the evening of June 11, many Internet users wanted to watch live match Vietnam – Malaysia in the 2nd round – Group G World Cup 2022 was “lost” into fraudulent channels on YouTube or Facebook. These channels take advantage of the Premiere premiere feature or the normal posting of a long-standing football video of the Vietnamese team, but describe as being live reporting the Vietnam – Malaysia match according to the schedule that will take place at this time. 23:45 late 11/6.

A YouTube channel uses the Premiere feature to “hang a goat’s head, sell dog meat” to trick viewers.

As noted by the reporter, there is a YouTube channel that has tricked a total of hundreds of thousands of views, and a channel that has attracted more than tens of thousands of live viewers simultaneously in Premiere mode. Of course, these scam channels were quickly discovered by Vietnamese football fans and commented below for others to promptly stay away: “Scam”, “Fucked”, “This match has been a long time ago. “,…

Currently, these scam channels are mainly attracted to Internet users by naming videos, live streaming/premiere sessions “following” keywords many people are searching for on tools like Google Search. . Therefore, Internet users should be careful not to become a victim and also not to abet pirated live broadcasts during the match.

To follow live match Vietnam – Malaysia, football fans can open channel VTV5/VTV6 or social media channels of Next Media. Besides, the progress of the match is also reported live at with the fastest video clips of notable situations and even match highlights.

Like other tournaments, the copyright owner will always have an analysis and monitoring team to promptly detect channels that violate copyright. They will coordinate with service providers (Facebook, YouTube, …) to remove such infringing channels.


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