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Scary malware detecting millions of Android users

Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 15:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Despite Google’s efforts, malware has always sought to attack Android users, with the latest and arguably dangerous name popping up.

While Google is doing its utmost to keep billions of active Android devices around the world protected from the many dangers mobile users may face today, that doesn’t mean that everyone is safe. Even the efforts from the mobile hardware manufacturer.

FluBot hits millions of UK users and could spread around the world in the near future.

Now, newly discovered spyware called FluBot is being said to wreak havoc on unsuspecting or careless smartphone users. To demonstrate its dangers, the report says millions of cyber attacks via FluBot have targeted across the UK over the past few days, and if nothing went wrong, text messages contained the software. This poison can also begin to spread around the world soon.

“NO” installs applications from untrusted sources

While Android phones can become FluBot victims from official apps on the Google Play Store, the most common ones come from apps downloaded from external content stores. Security experts recommend that users follow the general rule of thumb that never download an APK file from outside to install an Android app without knowing exactly where it comes from.

According to experts, FluBot disguises a very dangerous malware in the form of a warning coming from an international delivery service like DHL. Remember that these viruses often get more and more sophisticated over time, changing their (fake) identities to try to trick more and more users from giving up control of their most personal and sensitive information. surname.

In other words, users should not trust intentional text messages from any delivery company that requests to download something from outside the Play Store to track a package. Ignore them as all users’ online accounts can be hacked and their passwords compromised in one go. If a user’s device is infected with FluBot, then the malware could be spread to all of their contacts, family, and friends.

What to do if the phone has been compromised?

Unfortunately, this situation is a bit more complicated than the solution of deleting an app and never reusing it as usual because the user needs to make more effort to get rid of the risk.

Scary malware detecting millions of Android users - 3

A scam requires users to install apps outside of the Google Play Store.

The first thing they need to do is not enter any more passwords or log in to any of their personal accounts as soon as they realize they have been cheated. Second, users need to factory reset their hacked Android phone to get rid of this nasty virus, meaning they could lose some valuable data as well. in this process. If you’re lucky enough to have backed up the data before the time of the FluBot installation, things will be easier once the user can restore it later.

After everything is done, the user also needs to change any and all passwords compromised in the attack. Ideally users should use powerful and unique tools to protect their password data like LastPass.

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