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See what son Chirag said to father Ram Vilas Paswan as ‘meteorologist’

From Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh to Narendra Modi’s government, veteran Bihar leader Ram Vilas Paswan passed away recently. Ram Vilas Paswan was also called the ‘Meteorologist’ of Indian politics. One reason for this was that Ramvilas Paswan used to be with the government, no matter who was in the center. When Paswan’s son and Lok Janshakti Party’s national president Chirag Paswan was asked that people say that Ramvilas ji joins him with the chance of coming to the government?

In response to this question asked by The Lallantop, Chirag Paswan said, ‘Where government is formed, we are not there. Rather, we form the government with whom we are with. Whether you consider it auspicious sign or a good omen. Chirag further said, you take the record and see father (Ram Vilas Paswan) and Lok Janshakti Party never aligned after the election. Yes… it is definitely auspicious sign that only the government with whom we are formed.

Whether it was Manmohan Singh’s government after we left NDA in 2004 or Narendra Modi’s government after leaving UPA in 2014. During this, Chirag Paswan also referred to the talk of a comic poet. He said that a comic poet has said that if a government is formed on Mars, then Ram Vilas Paswan will be a minister in it too.

Left UPA on the advice of son: Ramvilas Paswan, a political meteorologist, left the UPA in 2014 on the advice of his son Chirag Paswan and joined the NDA. On the question as to why he left the UPA in 2014? Chirag Paswan had said, I too was under pressure from my father (Ram Vilas Paswan) to leave the UPA in 2014. Because at that time a different atmosphere was seen in the country.

There was a leader who was talking about the development of the country. I was also personally influenced by Narendra Modi in those days. Chirag Paswan, in an interview to Lallantop, also cited the ambiguity over seats in the UPA alliance as one of the reasons for joining the NDA.

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