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Sehwag expressed displeasure when firecrackers exploded on Pakistan’s victory, Kavita Krishnan said – distributing knowledge, poison?

The former explosive batsman of the Indian cricket team tweeted, “Firecrackers are banned during Diwali but firecrackers were burst in some parts of India to celebrate Pakistan’s victory.”

The Indian team was defeated in the great match of the T20 World Cup. In this match played on Sunday, Pakistan won the match by 10 wickets. Now the reaction of former explosive batsman Virender Sehwag has also come on this. Virender Sehwag wrote in a tweet, ‘Firecrackers are banned during Diwali but firecrackers were burst in some parts of India to celebrate Pakistan’s victory. Well, they must be celebrating the victory of cricket. So, what is the harm in bursting crackers on Diwali? Why hypocrisy, only then all knowledge is remembered?’

Left leader Kavita Krishnan has expressed displeasure over this tweet of Sehwag. Kavita wrote, ‘Are you yourself distributing knowledge or poison? Firecrackers have been burst for Karva Chauth – but you have made the same old false allegation on the Muslims of the country that they are loyal to Pakistan and not India. Shame on you for calling Indian Muslims loyal to Pakistan for the firecrackers on Karva Chauth.

People are also reacting differently to Kavita Krishnan’s tweet. Replying to Kavita’s tweet, BJP leader Shalabh Mani Tripathi wrote, “Swearingly, RAW, IB and NIA could not find as many traitors as Twitter has found.” User Pankaj Aggarwal wrote, ‘Laughter in the name of bursting firecrackers on Karva Chauth. But Sehwag did not even use the word Muslim. One user wrote, ‘You think we are stupid. No firecrackers were burst in our area. All the crackers were burst in Muslim areas only. You say that Muslim women were bursting crackers on Karva Chauth.

User Dilip Jain writes, ‘I just want to know that which festival was being celebrated at 12 o’clock in the night? You guys seem to have vowed not to show any sense of humor. A user named Smita Pathak writes, ‘Who burst firecrackers on Karva Chauth? This shows how far you are from the truth.’ User Dalip Pancholi replied, ‘How much will you defend such fake people? How will you defend the slogans raised in the Medical College of Srinagar?

One user wrote, ‘Perhaps, you have not read Virender Sehwag’s tweet well. You should see that he has not used the word ‘Muslim’ anywhere. It simply means that you are guessing this religion yourself. A user named Mahendra Singh Yadav writes, ‘I feel like writing a book on your knowledge. What should I name that book?’


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