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Serie A: Mike Maignan victim of racist insults, Juve investigates

Juventus said on Tuesday that they had launched a procedure to identify the person or people who launched racist insults at the French goalkeeper of AC Milan, Sunday before the draw (1-1) between the two clubs.

On Sunday night at the Allianz Stadium, Juventus supporters targeted me with racist insults and cries”, Testified Tuesday evening Mike Maignan in a message on Instagram. In a video posted on social networks, we hear racist insults against the goalkeeper number 2 of the Blues as he warmed up on the lawn of Juventus Stadium just before the match. After the broadcast of this video, Juventus launched a procedure to identify the people involved, a spokesperson for the Turin club confirmed to AFP. According to Italian media, the Italian Federation could also use the video to investigate.

As long as these events are treated as isolated incidents and no global action is taken, history is bound to repeat itself over and over and over again. What are we doing to fight racism in football stadiums?“, Asked Maignan in his message. “We need to be more numerous and to be united in this battle for society which goes beyond football. In the instances, do the people who decide know what it feels like to hear insults and cries relegating us to the rank of animals?“, He added, before concluding:”I am not a victim of racism. I’m Mike, standing, black and proud“.

While the stadiums have just reopened to the public in Italy (in a limit limited to 50%) after 18 months behind closed doors, this is already the second episode linked to racist behavior shaking Serie A. The Federation has opened an investigation Friday after alleged racist cries targeting another AC Milan player, French midfielder Tiémoué Bakayoko, during the match on September 12 in San Siro against Lazio Rome (2-0). On Instagram, Bakayoko had accused “some Lazio supporters“To be at the origin of”racist cries towards (him) and Franck Kessié“. The last few seasons have been punctuated by recurring incidents in Italy, in particular with the trivialization of “monkey cries“. This Tuesday, the Italian League also imposed a fine of 10,000 euros on Udinese because of insulting chants from his supporters, “territorial nature“, Targeting the fans of Naples on Monday evening during the 4th day of Serie A.


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