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Share this quotes with friends and family to welcome the new year in January

Happy New Year 2021 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Hindi Shayari, Photos, Jokes, Messages: When the new year starts, people have a lot of fun. Enjoy delicious food with dancing and singing. New Year is celebrated as a festival abroad. On this day people visit each other. It is said that as the first day of the year passes, the whole year passes like that. That’s why people keep laughing on this day. Many lions and poets are performed for the New Year.

This time, even if it is not possible to meet all your close ones due to Corona’s outbreak, you can share new messages and jokes from New Year to bring a smile on their face.

1. You are a great smile,
Then there are other shy too,
Heart wants you
Call on happy new year party
But heard
You eat too much.

2. Live so that life falls short,
Laugh so much that it becomes hard to cry,
It is a matter of luck to get something,
But try so much
The above ones are forced to give
Happy New Year 2021 to all your friends

3. Old December and January
Is laying in the footsteps of
Lo twenty first century
Looks to be the twentieth year.
Happy new year 2021

4. Every moment from life, I got a chance,
Never ever, everyday
A good friend was sought with life,
But I got an army of scholars here.

5. Flowers will bloom in Gulshan
You will see beauty,
Of last year
Sour sweet memories will remain with you,
Let’s celebrate together
Happy new year,
First morning of new year
Happiness will bring countless !!


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