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Shaving Tips: To get a beautiful face, men should keep these 3 things in mind, know

Shaving Tips: As soon as there are cuts on the skin, the problem of acne and pimples also increases. In such a situation it is very important to know the right shaving technique.

Many people prefer to shave at home, but many beauty-skin experts claim that most people are generally unaware of the right shaving technique. In such a situation, people do shaving incorrectly, due to which cuts are made on the skin, as well as the skin color is also bad and the problem of acne and pimples also increases. In such a situation, it is very important to know the right shaving technique. Let’s know the right way to make a shave.

Beginning Shaving: It is necessary to wash the face before shaving, but few of you will be aware that it is best to wash the face with lukewarm water. This removes dead skin cells and removes oil (if the skin is oily), which makes it easier to shave. The steam released by the hot water makes the beard hair soft and the razor moves smoothly. At the same time, soaking a towel in hot water and applying it on the beard will also work.

Brush Required: Using a shaving brush is essential for a good shave. Why not use foam cream to make Shahe Shave, but keep in mind that foam cream should also be applied on the face with a brush instead of by hand. Actually, shaving cream is not applied properly on the hair of the beard with hands. At the same time, the cream is easily applied by the brush to the skin including the hair of the beard, which makes a great shave. The brush comes in contact with the hair easily whereas the cream does not.

Razor sharpening: Make sure that the razor you are using for shaving has a very sharp edge. If the razor’s edge is not sharp, then the shave will not be made properly and the skin will also be damaged, after which pimples and pimples can start coming on the skin. In this case, the edge of your razor should be sharp. Also, if using a disposable razor, change its blade daily (for shaving).

Correct Technique: It is not easy to shave yourself with a razor and if you do not tell the right technique, then you can spoil your skin. While shaving, keep in mind that never run the razor upside down. This means to run the razor in the direction in which the beard hairs grow, only when there is a lot of it. Also, run the razor comfortably and avoid rushing. The more comfortable the shaving, the better. After shaving, wash your face with cold water. Don’t forget to use hot water. Lastly, use an after shave gel-liquid and cream.


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