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Shilpa Shetty told the secrets of her glowing skin, you can also increase the complexion of your face

Shilpa has shared the secret of her glowing skin on her social media account. Using which you can also enhance the complexion of your dry skin.

Shilpa Shetty constantly shares health and skin related tips among her fans through social media. Recently, he has shared the secret of his glowing skin on his social media account. While sharing the post, he has told about his youthful skin. While sharing the picture of papaya, Shilpa has enumerated 6 reasons for this. Using which you can also enhance the complexion of your dry skin.

Papaya is considered to be a fruit of elders. According to the youth, most of the old people like to eat this fruit. According to health experts, papaya keeps digestion right and boosts immunity. That’s why doctors advise most senior citizens to eat papaya. However, knowing the reasons given by Shilpa Shetty regarding papaya, you will also become crazy about papaya. Let us know how papaya can enhance your skin tone-

A lot All Features: Antioxidants, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-C, skin-softening properties and anti-aging properties are found in papaya. All these properties are very beneficial for your skin. According to many researches, its use will improve the complexion of your skin.

Taste is amazing Shilpa says that the sweet taste and vibrant color of papaya help to increase its popularity even more. Whereas we all keep getting advice to eat papaya from somewhere. For example, elders, doctors and even our friends at home recommend eating papaya.

Get rid of stomach problems: According to health experts, many types of stomach and skin related problems can be overcome by eating papaya. Due to this, weight is also controlled, so the youth should eat papaya every day. Consumption of papaya does not cause constipation in the stomach and also does not bloat.

Beneficial in other ways as well: A person does not have the problem of pimples by consuming papaya. Apart from this, diseases related to intestines remain away. At the same time, fat does not increase in the body, the body does not blot and the problem of sleep is removed.

For glowing skin: Applying papaya face pack on the face can enhance your skin tone and glow. Shilpa Shetty’s skin never shows any blemishes or signs of age, the big reason for this is fruit face mask and healthy diet.

Make face pack like this: First of all, mash the papaya and add honey and turmeric powder to it. After this mix it well and then apply the prepared pack on the skin and wash it after 20 minutes. Using it regularly will make you look younger than your age.


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