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Shock proof: are there living creatures on Mars?

Saturday, July 17, 2021 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Data sent back from NASA’s “Mars warrior” Curioisity reveals a mysterious source of methane that could be produced by living organisms.

According to Live Science, a team of scientists led by the California Institute of Technology has modeled the methane particles that the Curiosity rover detected during its exploration of Mars and thinks it must have been created recently. by living organisms.

NASA’s Curiosity is on a mission on Mars – Photo: NASA

Curiosity has detected methane a total of six times during the years of Mars exploration. Combined with data on wind speed and wind direction at the time of detection, the team traced the origin of this number. They found an active methane region west and southwest of where Curiosity is active, the bottom of an impact crater.

Most of the methane on Earth is of biological origin, and according to experts, so is on Mars. Even if it is of abiotic origin, it must have been generated by geological activity associated with the presence of liquid water, which is the element that allows life to survive.

According to Science Alert, the bottom line is that methane’s detectable lifespan is only about 330 years, meaning it must have been born during that time. So life on Mars is most likely still alive, not just ancient, extinct life as previously suspected.

NASA’s Curiosity Warrior is a rover with many probes, which has been operating on Mars for many years now, still running well despite the “expiry date” long ago. It is tasked with finding evidence of life on the red planet.


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