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Should I run during my period or not? How this can be beneficial, know from experts

During menstruation, there is a deficiency of female hormones in women, due to which there is fatigue and weakness. Running during menstruation can get rid of all these problems.

During the period, women or girls have many problems like abdominal pain, fatigue and cramps. That’s why many people advise women or girls to rest during this time. But according to experts, women also take many measures to reduce these problems.

One such remedy is to run during the period. You must be thinking that the time of periods for girls would have been very painful. So, should I run or not? So to find the answer to this question, we have reached Gynecologist and obstetrician Dr Lovely Jethwani, with the answer to this question, here you will know whether running during period has advantages or disadvantages.

Talking to, Dr. Lovely told that during the period women feel abdominal pain, cramps, muscle cramps, headache and body bloated. Also, there is a feeling of heaviness in the breast. In such a situation, women consider the period as a rest period and turn to medicine. The endorphin hormone acts as a pain reliever in the body of women and helps a lot in reducing fatigue and pain. When you run, the level of endorphins in the body increases. It helps in relieving period pain, fatigue and stress. Endorphins are what you eat in tablet form.

At the same time, it is very common for girls to have mood swings during their period. Most women have problems with fatigue, irritability and pain during periods. To avoid this, you should do running, running can help in fixing your mood. Running during periods releases other happy hormones like endorphins and serotonin in our brain, which can lead to good mood changes. Apart from this, the symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) in women can also be reduced by running.

Doctor Lovely told that women who do not get relief in pain during period even after running. They may have muscle weakness, lack of vitamin D or calcium, etc. In such a situation you should consult your doctor. Along with this, he told that run according to the capacity of your body, do not run too much.

Talking about period flow, it is said that except athletes, running during periods can improve blood flow in girls. Lifting more weight than you are or doing some heavy exercise can reduce the flow. It is found most often in athletes but later gets cured by controlling diet and weight.


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