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Simple saris will also give a stylish look, carry pallu in different ways

In today’s time, every woman wants to look fashionable and stylish. For this, she tries different types of clothes. But in Indian tradition, saree is a garment which is famous all over the world. Even with the modern era, the fashion of saree is never outdated. Foreign women are also very attracted towards saris. Because, wearing a saree, women look very beautiful.

However, with the changing times, the style and design of the saree has changed drastically. In such a situation, today we will tell you how you can give a different look to your simple sari only through the pallu of your sari.

-Short Straight Pallu Style: In this style, the pallu is on the front side. However, this is how elderly women drape Pallu like this. But you can also adopt this style to give yourself a different look.

– Straight Pallu in Gujarati Style: Pallu draped in Gujarati style looks like Chaniya Choli. In this style, the pallu is applied on the right shoulder. This style is quite popular among women.

-Rapped Around Shoulders: In this style, the simple sari also gives the look of queen. You can adopt this style for any wedding or function. It gives you a very classical and elegant look. You can carry an off shoulder blouse with this saree. It will give you a very stylish look.

-Head drape: In this style, a little pallu is applied on the head. This style is mostly adopted by women at weddings. For this style, you can make your own hair. You can flaunt this style on lehenga sarees.

-Open Pallu Style: Most of the women adopt this style at parties. In this style the pallu is left open. This draping looks very attractive. However, in this saree you have to carry the pallu on one hand, which is quite difficult for some women. But the simple sari also looks very beautiful in this look.

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