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Siri on iPhone makes Chinese users angry

Saturday, July 31, 2021 20:05 PM (GMT+7)

iPhone users in China felt angry when Siri could not read aloud the number of gold medals at the 2020 Olympic Games that the country won.

Accordingly, the report said that when the Chinese sports team won the 10th gold medal at the 2020 Olympics, Chinese fans used iPhones to ask Siri how the results were. However, the result returned is “Not found”.

Olympic Tokyo 2020 is an event of interest to the world community.

According to the South China Morning Post, users on the social networking service Weibo have complained about what they see as nationalist bias. At that time, Japan had won 11 gold medals, China and the US had both won 10, while Russia had 7.

The country’s media reported that this was another example of Apple’s bias against China, even though the company saw a sharp increase in sales during its recent earnings report. This is his most.

However, there is also a part of users in China who said they understand the pressure on Apple from the US Congress, and the US-China trade tensions have affected the reputation of China and its suppliers.

Siri on iPhone makes Chinese users angry - 3

Apple is said to have re-tuned Siri after the crash.

In this case, however, the real reason for Siri’s failure is that China and the US have the same number of medals. Experts believe that Siri has a bug that makes it only read out the name of a country if the two countries have the same number of medals, and the US has been selected as the country to be read.

Apple has not yet commented on the allegation of bias, but Siri has now been rectified.


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