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“Sister Act”: Whoopi Goldberg announces a third installment for the cult franchise

The first part, released in 1992, had gathered 2.5 million spectators in French theaters and earned Whoopi Goldberg a nomination for the Golden Globes.

It’s official : Sister Act will have a sequel! 27 years later Sister Act, act 2 and three years after its legendary cast gathered to celebrate the film’s twenty-five years, Whoopi Goldberg confirmed it on October 6 on the set of Late Late Show by James Corden.

At 64, Whoopi Goldberg is not about to let go of the nun’s headdress. After years of discussion, Sister Marie Clarence will make her return soon in a third installment, “in preparation for“according to the actress.”For a long time I was told that no one would want to see him. And recently that has changed. People will probably want to see it“, rejoiced Whoopi Goldberg.

Sister Act, which narrates the disappointments of a runaway singer forced to hide in a convent, was a hit when it was released, with $ 231 million in box office receipts and 2.5 million spectators in France. “It hits me when I meet people in their twenties and thirties. They have all seen the movie and know all the songs “, the actress has fun. Sister Act, “it’s fun and it feels good. […] It sings badly, it sings well and there are nuns. What could be better than that? “

If this third installment, probably broadcast via the Disney Plus streaming platform, is a simple project for the moment and the shooting has not started, this good news is already unanimous on social networks. So we’re working hard to figure out how to reunite the gang“, concluded Whoopi Goldberg.

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