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Skin Care Tips: Do these 5 things before sleeping at night, the skin can increase in tone and look young

Due to dry environment and cold air in cold weather, the skin starts cracking due to dryness, due to which dead cells accumulate on the skin.

If you also want that you always look young and your face remains glowing, then you have to do some work before sleeping not only during the day so that your skin remains healthy. Due to pollution, dust, change in weather and excessive use of makeup products, there are problems of pimples, blemishes etc. on the skin. To get rid of these problems, people adopt various measures. Let us know what things women should do before sleeping, so that they can get rid of all kinds of skin related problems.

Wash face with lukewarm water: The face should be washed with lukewarm water before sleeping at night. It is winter season, so bathing will be a little less right, but taking a bath with lukewarm water before sleeping in summers will work to give you relief. Before using lukewarm water, add some salt to it. This reduces the risk of infection due to the elements present in the salt. Sleeping by doing this not only gives relief to your face, but also your body remains healthy.

Sleep with makeup off: Women and girls should sleep at night by removing the makeup on the skin or face before sleeping. According to dermatologists, before sleeping at night, you should sleep completely after removing lip color, left hour mascara etc. This opens up all the pores of your skin. Sleeping without taking off the makeup will have a chemical effect on your skin and due to this the glow of the skin starts fading.

Head Massage: Before sleeping at night, massage the head thoroughly with the oil of your choice, this will remove your tiredness from the day and you will get a deep sleep. Therefore, head massage must be done at night.

Moisturize required: It is very important for women to moisturize their dry skin before sleeping at night. Before sleeping, note that if your skin has become dry, then use cream, lotion or coconut oil on your dry skin. This retains the moisture in the skin. If you have premature wrinkles, then this problem also gets fixed.

Use cream under eyes: Do not forget to use the cream under the eyes before sleeping. Because with this you will not have the problem of dark circles, as well as the eyes will be healthy.


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