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Skincare: Why do pimples occur on the forehead? Learn how to fix them

Skincare Tips: The weather is changing, summer will come in a few days. As the heat increases, the pimples start coming out due to sweat and oil on the face. Along with the cheeks, pimples came out on the forehead as well. These are not only ugly in appearance, but also very painful. Due to these big grains on the forehead, sometimes we have to cancel the plan and sometimes we have to hide ourselves. But if people will take care of some things then it can be easy to reduce this problem. Let’s know in detail –

Why do pimples become on the forehead: Many times the use of the wrong skin care product or hair product causes allergic reactions in the skin, due to which pimples can also come out on the forehead. In addition, oily scalp or dandruff can also cause pimples on the head. If the pores are closed, the skin does not get moisture, it can also cause pimples. Hormonal changes, stress or digestive problems can also cause acne.

How to get rid of them: Take care of hair cleanliness, avoid using the wrong products. Skin products that cause irritation on the face, remove them immediately. Do not stay in the sun for too long. After the exercise, do facial cleansing by removing the sweat present on the face. Healthy eating and following a healthy lifestyle are also found to relieve pimples.

Does eating increase the problem: Avoid eating foods that are warm in effect. In addition, experts believe that eating too much oily food also causes pimples. Also, avoid junk food, these can prove to be harmful for the face. Apart from this, people who eat more medicines also bother the problem of pimples.

How to remove facial blemishes: There is pain on the face or forehead when there are pimples, as well as there are many marks left after them. These stains work to reduce beauty. Home remedies are effective in removing them. Dry orange peels in sunlight and grind them. Then make a paste by adding honey to it and apply it on the face. Wash with cold water when dry. Also, make a solution by mixing one teaspoon of apple vinegar, honey and water. Apply in the affected area with the help of cotton. Wash with cold water after 10 minutes.

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