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Smart Concept #1 – German design electric car, Chinese technology

The electric car is developed by a joint venture between Daimler and Geely, with a foundation from the Chinese automaker and design by Mercedes.

The small high-rise is the first electric vehicle since Smart announced it would abandon its internal combustion engine vehicle line in 2019, the same year that Daimler and Geely announced their partnership. Future Smart models will use Geely’s platform in China, and designed by Mercedes.

Concept #1 is 4,290 mm long, 1,910 mm wide and 1,698 mm high. Compared to the electric crossover of the same house, the Mercedes EQA, the product of the Smart brand is a bit shorter, but wider and taller.

Smart Concept #1 belongs to the electric crossover segment, expected to be produced in 2023. Photo: Smart

The headlights are triangular and connect the two sides by a thin strip across the front of the car, the bonnet slopes upwards, the grille imitates the traditional style and can be illuminated. Blue light system appears in the grille, door steps and rear of the car. Column C with the style of two separate color sections, and without column B thanks to the reverse opening style.

Set of 21-inch rims. The concept version has only 4 seats, but the production version will have 5 seats. The interior is rated as spacious as the SUV line.

Panoramic sunroof with glass covering both rows of seats. The center console is a 12.8-inch touchscreen with an iPad-like style.

Smart hasn’t released the specs of the electric car, but says it can use the smartphone app as a digital key. In addition, advanced support systems and the ability to upgrade via OTA.

Smart Concept #1 may be produced in both China and Europe from 2023. The company has not disclosed the price.

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