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Something just like Earth works on another planet: Life rising?

Sunday, May 9, 2021 11:40 AM (GMT + 7)

Many other planets are similar to Earth, but still not alive because of the lack of a decisive factor: geological activity. It has suddenly appeared on Mars.

That’s living proof of an active volcano, according to research just published in the scientific journal Icarus. Volcanoes are one of the recognizable features of geological activity.

A structure is believed to be a young crater, active on Mars – Photo: NASA

As many studies in the field of Earth science, planetary science previously showed that geological activity and plate tectonics are important factors that help a planet live: providing stability to the atmosphere, from In the solar system, only Earth and Jupiter’s moon Io are identified as having geological activity, but Io was overactive, becoming a “volcanic moon” too harsh to live on.

Science Alert said this time the team led by astronomer David Horvath from the Institute of Planetary Science and the University of Arizona (USA) has identified a “volcanic mine” in the Elysium Planitia plains north of the chain. direction of Mars.

“This feature is a mysterious dark sediment, slightly wider than Washingtion DC, similar to the black spots on the moon and Mercury, which are said to be volcanic eruptions” – Dr. Horvath said.

This volcanic region appears relatively “fresh”, containing lots of lava and ash, possibly from a powerful eruption with ash columns as high as 10 km. The surrounding lava flows are believed to be from a nearly full eruption. Various other signs of activity were recorded in the same area.

Something just like Earth works on another planet: Life rising?  - 3

Mars – Photo: NASA

According to Sputnik News, the authors believe that earthquakes are the same trigger for volcanic eruptions, just as they did on Earth. The earthquake was recorded in a cracked area of ​​the delta, Cerberus Fossae. Not far away is a large impact crater called Zunil, which is also the element that can trigger volcanoes.

The team believes the above evidence suggests that geological activity must take place inside Mars, or at least they have just been stimulated not long ago. This activity may have facilitated microbial life as it did on early Earth. With luck, Mars’ biosphere could be 50,000 years old!

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