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Soon a law to ban “conversion therapy”?

A new offense to ensure the end of “conversion therapy”. A proposed LREM law prohibiting these “therapies”, which aim to impose heterosexuality on lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBTQI +) people will be debated in October by the deputies, we learned from a parliamentary source LREM, this Tuesday September 14.

“Conversion therapies”: they have infiltrated those who want to “cure” homosexuals

“This is a first step to allow its completion, but it is also an opportunity to continue the work of raising awareness on the subject”, underlined the boss of the LREM group, Christophe Castaner in a statement sent to AFP.

“I don’t want people to think that conversion therapy is allowed today. They are prohibited. But as they can take multiple forms which are sometimes difficult to apprehend, the creation of a new offense will make it possible to condemn them more effectively ”, he justified.

The proposed law provides for the creation of a specific offense punishable by two years ‘imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros, or even three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros in the case of a minor.

A mission entrusted to the policeman of the sects

Calls are increasing in France to demand a law prohibiting “Conversion therapies”, practiced by religious groups. It is difficult to know how many people have been subjected to these practices. “Dozens and dozens of testimonies have come out”, recently assured AFP Timothée de Rauglaudre, co-author of the book “Dieu est amour” and of the documentary “Homotherapies, forced conversion”.

The Minister in charge of Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, announced Monday to entrust Miviludes with a mission “On unworthy practice” death “Conversion therapies”.

“Homotherapies, forced conversion”, these religious who want to “cure” homosexuals

Miviludes, an organ for combating sectarian aberrations attached to the Ministry of the Interior, will be assisted by the assistance and intervention unit in matters of sectarian aberrations (CAIMADES), attached to the Central Office for the Repression of Violence to people (ORCVP), and by the Central Office for the fight against environmental and public health attacks (OCLAESP).

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From a parliamentary source, the LREM bill, led by LREM deputy Laurence Vanceunebrock, will be placed on the agenda of the National Assembly for the week of October 4. The decision was recorded Tuesday morning with breakfast for the majority. “Finally,” reacted the elected on Twitter.

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