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Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia … the list of countries closing their doors in the United Kingdom is growing

The list of countries deciding to suspend the arrivals of travelers from the United Kingdom continues to grow, after the discovery on Sunday of a new “out of control” variant of the coronavirus on British territory, which caused a partial re-containment across the Channel, in London and in the south-east of the country.

This Monday, December 21, the more the hours pass, the more the number of countries closing their doors to travelers from the United Kingdom increases.

What we know about the mutant strain of coronavirus identified in the United Kingdom

Objective: to prevent the new strain from spreading across Europe. According to the European Disease Control Agency (ECDC), however, it is not impossible that the new strain of the coronavirus is already circulating outside British territory. Already other cases of this variation have been detected in the Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, Denmark and Belgium, in particular.

For its part, France has suspended since Sunday December 20 at midnight and for 48 hours all travel of people from British soil, “Including related to the transport of goods, by road, air, sea or rail”. Only unaccompanied freight remains authorized.

One by one, European countries are suspending their links

Faced with this unprecedented situation, with the approach of Christmas, for many European countries, it is time to be careful. Thus, after Germany, Italy and Denmark, Spain and Portugal took the decision to suspend flights from the United Kingdom.

Spanish citizens and people residing in Spain will, on the other hand, be able to enter Spanish territory, indicates the government of Madrid, which has also announced that it will strengthen border controls with Gibraltar, a British enclave located in the extreme south of Spain.

In the Netherlands, all passenger flights from the United Kingdom have been stopped since Sunday December 20, until January 1. Passenger ferries are also denied entry to the country upon arrival at Dutch ports. Only ferries carrying only freight trucks and their drivers will be allowed to disembark.

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Finland also suspended passenger flights from the UK for two weeks from Monday, December 21.

Switzerland has interrupted its air links with the United Kingdom and South Africa since midnight Sunday, until further notice. Anyone coming from these two countries since December 14 will be subject to a mandatory 10-day quarantine.

Bulgaria has also suspended all its air links with Great Britain until January 31, Romania is doing the same for two weeks from Monday December 21.

Measures that extend to the whole world

Europeans are not the only ones to have taken action in the face of the appearance of the new strain of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Thus, Russia is also suspending its air links with the United Kingdom for a week, as of Tuesday, December 22.

Canada has decided to stop passenger flights from Great Britain for 72 hours.

In Hong Kong, the suspension of its passenger flights from Great Britain is in effect for Monday, December 21 from midnight. Anyone who arrives in the former British colony after having been in the UK in the previous 14 days will have to observe a longer quarantine than currently scheduled.

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In the Muslim world, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria have also stopped links with Britain for the time being. Saudi Arabia has suspended international flights and access through land crossings and ports to its territory for at least a week, with a possible extension of another week.

In South America, El Salvador has banned entry to its territory to anyone who has stayed in the United Kingdom or South Africa in the past month.

Argentina has suspended flights from the UK.

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