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“Spencer”: Kristen Stewart as Lady Di in an ode to freedom

Six years after the very noticed “Jackie”, the Chilean Pablo Larrain is interested in the tragic fate of Lady Diana. The film, which is only released on Amazon Prime, chronicles three days in the life of the princess suffocated by paparazzi and royal protocol.

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The performance is astounding. Of this role, Kristen Stewart says it is a “poem in the form of a hallucination”. Obviously, with spencer (only on Amazon Prime), the Chilean director Pablo Larrain, who had already devoted a film to Jackie Kennedy in 2017, is not making a biopic on Lady Di.

We are in the winter of 1991, the relationship between Diana and her husband Charles is at its worst, the press has published photos of the heir to the crown on the arm of his mistress Camilla. But it is on the Princess of Wales that the paparazzi are relentless, tracking down on her pale face the stigmata of humiliation.

Indifferent to the suffering of her daughter-in-law, the queen awaits her little world at Sandringham, the residence of the royal family of England, to celebrate Christmas. Crushed by protocol and propriety, Diana stifles her pain by staying close to her sons and by accumulating delays in royal appointments.

At the wheel of her convertible Porsche, hair flying, dancing alone in the corridors of the palace, haunting hallucinated the ruined home of her family, the Spencers, Diana is sublimated by the interpretation of Kristen Stewart. Pablo Larrain has no concern for realism, he almost only films Diana and imagines what these three days of Christmas 1991 could have been like for this woman who will exhaust the rigidity of a royal family in which she is still a stranger.

spencer is an ode to freedom and arguably Kristen Stewart’s best film. The young American actress, revealed by the Twilight saga, is in a good position for the Oscars which will take place on March 27.

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