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Sports design on the Lexus IS 2021 – VnExpress

Launched the first generation in 1998, the IS is a model positioned by Lexus for a group of young customers, pursuing driving pleasure in compact sports sedans. After more than 20 years of maintaining that spirit, the Lexus IS 2021 has been updated with a series of details by the Japanese company with the expectation that the sporty design will catch the eye, the driving feeling will be more attractive and bold.

The representative of the company described the IS 2021 exterior design based on the concept of “dynamic and provocative”. The center of gravity is lower, the rear hips widen, the luggage compartment is embossed neatly, shaped like a sports coupe. The body size is longer, wider and lower than the old version, 4,710 x 1,840 x 1,425 (mm) respectively. The front is 43 mm lower, the cabin is gradually swept back. The lighting cluster is lower than the previous version.

The front of the car is a newly designed spindle-shaped grille, a three-dimensional structure with combined shapes and motifs emphasizing the youthfulness. Parts fenders are redesigned, integrated with lights. The tire compartment increases by 15 mm compared to the previous version and the tire size is larger. At the rear, the L-shaped turn indicator uses LED strips at both ends, the light gradually decreases towards the center to create a stretching effect. LED taillights create an L shape, emphasizing the width from the rear of the car.

Body rigidity is improved by changes in shape and structure. The chassis has increased welding points, applying laser screw welding technology. The support inside the chassis is made of a high-tensile material, first equipped by Lexus, promising to make the IS 2021 more sporty.

Vehicle interior design is more neutral, in order to achieve the harmony between materials and shapes based on usage. With the idea of ​​creating “a design that makes the user want to drive as soon as he enters”, the cabin creates a compact, focused on the driver’s side. Horizontal panel style, decorative details in metallic color.

The IS 2021 features a Black Ink Woodgrain, similar to Sumi Ink. This type of ink appeared in Japan 1,800 years ago, used in the traditional ink art of Sumi-e. Representatives of the company said that this material is perfectly combined with wood material, penetrating deeply into the wood grain to create beautiful black color and increase the sense of authenticity when the user touches it.

In addition, the car is equipped with Smooth leather seats, 8-way electric driver’s seat. The Lexus IS 2021 comes standard with smartphone connectivity. The car’s entertainment system has an 8-inch touch screen, 24-bit color graphics. Standard 10-speaker sound system.

To develop sports sedans, Lexus chose the IS 2021 as the first car to open the Toyota Shimoyama technical center, which opened in 2019. This track is designed with many technical points similar to the green hell. Nürburgring, allowing Lexus engineers to continuously conduct challenging tests right here, instead of having to go back to Nürburgring after every technical update and change, company representative in Vietnam Nam said. All of this is aimed at developing cars with a sportier driving feel.

IS 2021 sold in Vietnam with three versions. IS 300 Standard and Luxury are fitted with a 2.0 I4 turbocharged engine, with a capacity of 241 horsepower from 4800 – 5,800 rpm. Maximum torque of 350 Nm from 1,650 to 4,400 rpm. 8-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. The IS 300h is equipped with a 2.5 I4 petrol engine combined with an electric motor, for a total capacity of 220 horsepower. Vehicles using CVT gearbox combined with rear-wheel drive. The car engine is equipped with D4-S direct injection technology.

The Standard has three optional operating modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. The Luxury and IS 300h has an additional Sport + mode.

In terms of safety equipment, the new Lexus IS has a BSM blind spot warning system and an RCTA vehicle warning function. The standard vehicle safety features include: ABS, BA, EBD, VSC, ACA, TRA, EBS, HAC, VDIM integrated dynamic management system and eight airbags.

The Lexus IS 2021 is sold with 7 optional exterior paint colors, including two newly developed colors at Lexus: Sonic Iridium, Chrome and Celestial Blue. Lexus IS 300 Standard costs 2.13 billion, 300 Luxury version costs 2.49 billion and IS 300h costs 2.82 billion. Vehicle imported directly from Japan.


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