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Spread of live videos showing off their bodies, sexy and objectionable on Facebook Gaming

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Faceboook Gaming contains many live shows showing off their body, sexy and objectionable.

Before the gaming streamer trend is emerging in recent years, Facebook has separated a Gaming card on the Facebook mobile app interface. This feature is located next to Facebook Watch (which contains selected videos according to user’s habits).

Screenshot of some offensive live on Facebook Gaming.

However, if Watch often brings valuable content such as common tips, intellectual gamehow cut-outs, … Gaming is in many live shows showing off their body, sexy and objectionable. Although negative, these live clips are very attractive to viewers with hundreds of thousands to millions of views, thousands of interactions, comments, and shares.

For example, at 7:36 on March 7, Phuong Anh xx account performed live with the note “playing Pokémon Swird / Shield”, but in fact the character was wearing a thin shirt chatting with people watching. Sometimes she unbuttons her shirt and shows her breasts in front of the camera. Although the live is longer than 1 hour, in fact the first 10 minutes is just a repetitive show of body, followed by the live stream selling online.

Similarly, on February 28, Shop Hang Hieu xxx live performance with the note “playing PUBG Mobile” with the content “I dance for you guys to see”. What she showed in the first part of the livestream was also showing her body, and for many hours later, it was a livestream selling perfume.

Also in the Gaming category, jealous clips, nude puffing under a shower, … also appear dense. In addition to the sarcastic comments, there were also sad comments calling for a boycott of these negative contents: “Turn off you”, “Too offensive”, “Can’t speak”, “Don’t be low low value of a woman, honey “,” Facebook is chattering “, …

Facebook Gaming launched in Vietnam in 2018. This platform has really created an explosive migration when the house of the slave family, who turned to Facebook as a streamer with high value contracts. However, with such pervasive and malicious content as above, this is clearly a product that needs serious review by the largest social network on the planet.

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