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“Stand up women!” : rebellious deputy François Ruffin signs a film to “sow the seeds of hope”

The film relates the daily life of these social assistants, accompanying disabled students, cashiers, nursing assistants, maintenance workers … Professions occupied more than 90% by women, most of the time poorly paid , below the minimum wage, with precarious status and staggered hours.

This film is the fight of its director, François Ruffin, deputy for the Somme, who embarked two years ago on a parliamentary information mission, to enhance these professions. And who has found an unexpected ally in the person of Bruno Bonnell, deputy En Marche, who comes from the business world. The camera follows the two deputies on the road, during their wanderings to conduct hearings and feed their parliamentary report.

On March 12, 2020, a few months after the launch of the mission, the work was hit by the announcement of the first confinement. Part of France is switching to teleworking, but these “link professions”, this “first line” remains mobilized. This gives a very special atmosphere to the film, very gripping. Until the fight lost in the hemicycle to vote for an ambitious bill.

In theaters, every night I see seeds of hope being sown, says François Ruffin. These professions come together and begin to form collectives. I see that we are producing a kind of contagion of hope.

“How are you going to do, as future president, so that these women live normally without having enormous hours and yet very low salaries?

Francois Ruffin

to presidential candidates

Stand up women! hits theaters Wednesday, October 13. Another way to campaign.

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