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Star Wars: Boba Fett removes the mask in “The Book of Boba Fett”

With the explosion in the number of series, the Disney + platform seems to want to exploit the vein of Star Wars until more thirsty, and offer a series on each of the secondary characters of the saga.

After The Mandalorian, before Andor, the pilot, here Bobba Fett’s Book, the story of this mythical bounty hunter, created in 1980 in L‘Empire strikes back, and which had ended up swallowed up by the teeth of a horrible creature, the Sarlacc, in Return of the Jedi, when he had captured Han Solo.

We had already witnessed the youth of Boba Fett, his training, the death of his father in Attack of the Clones. This time, the series takes place after the famous ingestion. The character is not dead as we knew from the series The Mandalorian. He treats himself in a kind of spa cabin tank. And returned to Tatooine, the territory of his former master, the big frog Jabba the Hutt. The cousins ​​are not far away. And he will have, in turn, to dominate the underworld in the city of Mos Espa.

The whole Star Wars universe is summoned: the sandy streets of the city, its bars, the inhabitants, the Twi’leks… the rancors, these kind of dinosaurs that can apparently be tamed, 8D8, the cruel droid of Jabba the Hutt .

But above all the series plays a lot on flashbacks. And against all odds, here we are almost in Dunes, and in shamanism. The series explores with great beauty the universe of the Tusken, this sand people who imprison the character who escaped from the Sarlacc.

A people with magnificent and frightening African leather masks, with a gaping hole for their mouths, to whom he teaches in particular how to steal a freight train borrowed by outlaw spice thieves.

It is for the moment the strong point of the first three episodes of the Boba Fett book. For the rest, nothing very exciting. IF this isn’t fan service, with reunions with characters from the movies – the net is teeming with rumors of major character appearances from the movies coming soon.

Between chases, fights against all forms of enemies of all kinds, and scenes worthy of a mafia film, Boba Fett’s book still finding its way. There is no doubt that we still have surprises in store.

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