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Steps not to be missed when claiming auto body insurance

Body insurance should be purchased when using a car, when buying, users need to pay attention to the terms of the contract, and understand the claim process.

Many drivers in Vietnam think that there is no need to buy body insurance, because if you drive well, the repair cost in a year is not as much as the insurance money. Besides, the procedure to claim compensation when there is an incident is very complicated and difficult to get compensation. So how can compensation be the issue raised in Car Talks number 3 with the topic “Auto body insurance – easy to buy, difficult to claim?”.

During the discussion, insurance expert Mr. Do Tien Thanh, Deputy General Director, PVI Insurance Corporation and car sales expert Mr. Tran Van Hung, Vice President of Sales, Mitsubishi Phuong Nguyen gave the following recommendations. The idea is to help car users better understand this type of insurance.

Accordingly, Mr. Thanh said that the majority of cases are not insured because they do not comply with the provisions of the contract on proving damage. When there is a problem with the car, this expert advises the car owner not to arbitrarily falsify the scene but need to contact the insurance company for guidance.

Vehicle owners should take pictures of the accident scene in any case. Photo:Insurance Jounal

“Insurance companies often have hotlines so that when an accident occurs, customers contact, declare and do initial procedures,” Thanh said. When assessing damage with objective causes from outside, depending on the terms of the contract, the insurance company will handle it for the customer.

In case the vehicle is flooded, even in situations where it is imperative to move the vehicle, the car owner should contact the insurance company for guidance instead of moving the vehicle on their own.

When an accident occurs, the insurance company’s appraiser will guide the customer to the place selected in the contract. However, there are some small cases, or depending on the agreement between the customer and the insurance, the place to choose for repair may be different from the contract.

Therefore, insurance buyers need to carefully read the terms of the contract to understand their rights when the incident occurs. He also noted a number of cases where no compensation was given, such as when the car owner broke the law in traffic, drank alcohol while driving, caused an accident…

If a collision occurs without assistance, the vehicle owner needs to follow the principles stated in the contract such as taking pictures of the scene, calling witnesses or confirming from the police. Currently, many insurers have also applied online assessment.

Steps not to be missed when claiming auto body insurance

Meanwhile, Mr. Tran Van Hung further noted that when claiming compensation, priority should be given to choosing a genuine maintenance facility, if any, to avoid letting the appraisal staff go to an outside facility or a facility that does not guarantee repair quality. .

He also noted that car owners should buy additional packages such as theft, fire, explosion, water damage, because the road conditions in Vietnam when it rains heavily is easy to flood. Hydraulic jacking is related to the engine, the repair cost is very large.

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