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Strange blue glowing cloud in Antarctica: of alien origin

Wednesday 30/12/2020 15:10 PM (GMT + 7)

Antarctic noctilucent clouds are born from a combination of Earth elements and matter coming from alien “intruders”.

NASA said the discovery came from the AIM observing project, using a variety of remote sensing means to observe the Antarctic night sky.

Normally we cannot see clouds at night, except for a few clouds that are dimly illuminated by the moonlight. But NASA has recorded a unique type of cloud: noctilucent clouds, is the “child” born from a combination of elements on Earth and alien matter!

The image shows the giant cloud glowing under many shades – Photo: NASA

In the Antarctic summer, the middle layer of the atmosphere is the wettest, because air from the troposphere moves upward carrying water vapor. They meet something called “meteor dust” in the troposphere, which are the ruins of asteroids that have plunged into the atmosphere and crushed.

Water molecules freeze, stick around the fine dust of this alien planet and form noctilucent clouds, also known as “polar central clouds”, because they are concentrated in the Arctic and Antarctic. Due to being a form of icy clouds, they strongly reflect sunlight and can shine through the night.

Speaking on Sci-Tech Daily, Dr. James Russell, AIM chief scientist, from Hampton University in Virgnia (USA) said that the “nocturnal” season comes once a year. Several factors such as the temperature, the size of the ozone hole, atmospheric currents and westerly winds can influence this noctilucent cloud season. These special clouds also help scientists in studies of gravity waves, solar cycles …, because their formation and existence are affected by many things.

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