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Strengthen game review, ensure no border sovereignty violation

Monday 23/11/2020 15:46 PM (GMT + 7)

The Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information also requested to increase the review of images, diagrams and maps in the game to ensure that the border sovereignty was not violated or the law of Vietnam was violated.

After the game without permission “The panda baby’s tour around the world” was removed on the Google Play app store and App Store, because this game had a map with a cow’s tongue line, it violated Vietnamese law, Recently, on social networks, information appeared that reflects the game called “Dreaming as beautiful as a dream” released in China. Male.

Games with illegal cow’s tongue line will be thoroughly dealt with.

After having the above information, the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information checked and compared the content of the game “Nice appointment as a dream” which was issued a decision to approve the content of the script as well as the actual game. published online.

The test results show that there are no map images with cow’s tongue line in the game as the content reflects on social networks. However, the Department also asked Funtap company to check the game “Dream as beautiful as a dream” in particular and all the company’s copyrighted games from China in general, at the same time there is an explanation report about the Department as well as full information about the incident on the fanpage of the game and the company.

Although the information on the image of the cow’s tongue line appearing in the game “Dreaming a beautiful date” is not true, the risk of similar violations can still occur, especially for literary products. originating from China. Therefore, the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information has also informed game providers, asking to increase the review of in-game images, diagrams, and maps to ensure that sovereignty is not violated. border, violating Vietnamese law.

Previously, the official letter dated October 22, 2019 of the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information sent to businesses providing online game services on G1, G2, G3, G4 across the country. warning about some Chinese enterprises taking advantage of illegal maps in cultural products, including video games on the internet.

The dispatch requires businesses to actively review and check the content of scripts and games that have been licensed and are being released on the market, especially games of foreign origin, including China, to ensure compliance. comply fully with the provisions of the law, stop cooperating with foreign enterprises that have committed acts of violation on the contents related to maps and history in the game.

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