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Successful chain of Toyota Vios in Vietnam

Toyota launches the upgraded Vios, adding a new GR-S sport version, hoping to extend the successful chain of the popular B-class sedan in Vietnam.

2020 is the anniversary year of Vios, when this model surpasses the sales milestone of 30,000 units for the first time, an increase of 11.2% over the same period last year. The above achievement helps Toyota’s B-class sedan extend the chain of 7 consecutive years leading the Vietnamese car market.

If the Vietnamese car market is a race, Vios is currently leading. After each stage, the performance of this “racer” gradually improves through the score. Sales of 20,776 units of the second best-selling model (2020) are not equal to those of Vios in 2017. Currently, Toyota’s B-class sedan has accumulated sales of more than 180,000 units since 2003.

Toyota Vios new version.

During the press conference to launch Vios in 2018, the management of Toyota Vietnam gave a new product orientation in the future, aiming for a younger group of customers. Consistent with this aisle, the Japanese company gradually brought back a new product line to the country, helping the best-selling models to show their strength better in the market, including Vios.

After the 2018 upgrade, Vios continues to be refreshed in January 2020 and most recently February 2021. Vehicle appearance changes in a more positive direction, in order to attract first-time car owners. The new Vios exterior has a wide trapezoidal grille, combined with a redesigned front bumper. LED lights and fog lights.

Toyota Vios interior.

Toyota Vios interior.

Toyota added emergency brake lights (EBS) on all versions, except for the E MT floor number. Besides, there are automatic door locks according to speed on the G version, navigation waiting lights, automatic lights on / off on the E CVT. The lowest version of the Vios E MT has a rear sensor to help reverse the vehicle.

The GS-R sports version is like a new breeze, and is targeted by the Japanese company to a group of customers who love a strong, individualized car with body-kit, a more ribbed steering wheel. Rearview mirror, separate shape wheels, black paint. All versions share the same engine, 1.5 liter, 107 horsepower capacity, 140 Nm capacity. This version has a CVT gearbox, 10-speed programmable. Two operating modes include Eco and Sport.

Toyota's B-class sedan is supplemented with new design wheels.

Toyota’s B-class sedan is supplemented with new design wheels.

Vios since its first introduction in 2003 is still the ace of Toyota in the Vietnamese market. Toyota’s sedan is the name that guarantees durability, branding factor and resale value. Not only the GR-S version but even the lowest version, the E or the G version, is an affirmation, Toyota can turn a car that is considered generic, the tradition becomes personality and bold. private press.

New version of Vios is priced from 478 million VND. The GR-S sport version is priced at 630 million VND (VAT included). Currently, genuine Toyota dealers in Ho Chi Minh City are giving Vios buyers a year of material insurance when completing the procedure to buy a car in March.

Tuan Vu
Image: TMV

Toyota Vios 2021 is available at genuine dealers nationwide. Customers who buy cars are eligible for the Balloon financial support package, the program “Change old cars, get new cars”.

On March 20-21, the exhibition “Toyota Vios – Initiating the trend” will be held at Takashimaya Vietnam Trade Center, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. For detailed information, just visit the website here.


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