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Surprise with robots that show extremely human-like emotions

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

The British company Engineered Arts has built a humanoid robot called Ameca, which surprises by displaying facial expressions identical to humans,.

Ameca is described by British developers at Engineered Arts as “the perfect humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction.”

In a short video posted on YouTube, the robot Ameca shows a variety of emotions on its face: the robot “wakes up”, opened its eyes and looked around bewildered. Ameca even looked surprised and confused as she looked at her arm. At the end, the robot is surprised to find itself being filmed, the robot smiles at the camera and holds out its hand.

When creating the robot, they scanned a living person to recreate the actual expression of a human face, a company representative said.

For now, it’s just a static model, neither able to walk like other humanoid robots nor possessing artificial intelligence. First of all, the developers intend to use the human-like robot to demonstrate technology that simulates human facial expressions instead of letting them perform acrobatic dance moves.

Engineered Arts asserts that with the modular architecture available on the robot, the manufacturer can completely grant Ameca the ability to walk at any time.

Robot Ameca uses the Tritium operating system developed by Engineered Arts. On its own website, Engineered Arts introduces the Ameca rental service in exhibitions or discussions on television.


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