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Susanne Kaufmann, a pioneer of natural beauty

Nature has no secrets for Susanne Kaufmann, founder of the beauty products brand that bears her name. As a child, she spent her days in the forest recognizing, touching and smelling the plants that would be used to prepare the repairing ointments that her grandmother concocted: arnica to relieve bruises, chamomile to reduce sore throats. , or even pine thorns to calm respiratory ailments. A heritage that will not be forgotten, and a solid foundation on which to build a cosmetics company recognized today throughout the world.

It is in the heart of the Austrian Alps that his adventure begins. Since 1850, his family has passed on from generation to generation a luxurious chalet-style establishment, the Hotel Post Bezau. A haven of peace where the young woman took the reins in the early 1990s. She was only 23 at the time, but she was determined to shake up the family business by modernizing the spa: “It was an almost medical place, as we can see in old films, based on hot-cold therapy and big brands – Shiseido, Estée Lauder…”, slips the founder.

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And because she believes in the virtues of plants, she creates her own treatment protocols in partnership with a farmer from the region, Ingo Metzler. In 2003, the brand had 24 references: “I needed a selection of products that was as unusual as it was precise, cleansers, scrubs and massage oils for the spa, but also a range for the hotel rooms”, she remembers.

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Clean beauty

At this time, well-being is on everyone’s lips but the clean beauty is still far from being a phenomenon. The Austrian is one of the first to create healthy, natural, beautiful and, above all, very effective cosmetics. ” Ten years ago, she recalls, anti-aging products were mostly chemical. “ And to confess that the beauty industry had to be convinced long before consumers: “We still had trouble understanding that natural products could perform as well as others! ” I

Inspired by traditional European medicine, its cosmetics combine the power of ultra-concentrated plants (arnica, evening primrose, calendula, etc.) with cutting-edge active ingredients such as vitamin C or ectoin, an amino acid that protects the skin and the system immune. Before everyone else, here again, its ecological sensitivity has led it to ban plastic from its packaging in favor of glass, which is fully recyclable. Since February, it has even launched a line of refillable cleansers.

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Its common thread? A global approach to beauty: “We don’t fight aging, we support it. Beautiful skin undeniably requires a dermatological, sports and nutritional routine adapted to its environment ”, says Susanne Kaufmann, now backed by the British investment fund Manzanita Capital (Diptyque, Byredo, etc.).

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Today, its cosmetics with an eco-luxury positioning (around 65 euros for a day cream, 130 euros for a hyaluronic acid serum) have left the cocoon of Post Bezau to discreetly infiltrate the four corners of the world. In France, Susanne Kaufmann has taken up residence in the concept store Oh My Cream! and, more recently, in the very elegant Domaine de Primard, less than an hour from Paris. She opened a spa there in her name whose mantra remains intact: “Never forget that we are more dependent on nature than it is on us. “

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