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Suzuki promotes many models in October

Representative of Vietnam Suzuki said that this enterprise always considers after-sales service a top priority. That is also the reason why Suzuki adjusted the parts prices, aiming to become the brand that provides the most affordable parts among Japanese brands in Vietnam. At the same time, this company changes maintenance cycles to provide suitable maintenance time to reduce cost burden on customers.

In addition, Suzuki also enhances service training to improve the skills of mechanics and technicians so that customers can always use the vehicle comfortably, while increasing the number of spare parts warehouses and spare parts to try to remove. Leave the vehicle waiting for repair and cannot be used.

According to the representative of Vietnam Suzuki, in September this company sold 1,778 vehicles, recording a growth rate of 128% over the same period in 2019 (1,384 vehicles). In order to continue supporting the demand for car buying and stimulating consumer demand, Suzuki will launch the incentive program in October, depending on the car model, customers receive support in terms of interest rates, registration fees, insurance or fees other.

The new XL7 is a 7-seat SUV favored by Vietnamese customers. Image: Vietnam Suzuki,

In addition to the stimulus policy, the company continuously brings in new models launched in the world. Specifically, the 7-seat Ertiga Sport 2020 MPV is oriented to the Vietnamese family segment, trendy design, reasonable price and low cost of use. Or the brand-new XL7 series that won the “Car of the year 2020” award in Indonesia, strong appearance, 6 personality colors, imported complete units, spacious interior with a sporty driving feel. In addition, the newly launched Ciaz class B sedan also received attention through its elegant design, spacious interior, complete imported with Japanese quality.

New Ciaz - Class B sedan just launched in late September. Photo: Vietnam Suzuki.

New Ciaz – Class B sedan just launched in late September. Vietnam Suzuki.

Vietnam Suzuki also focuses on improving after-sales service. Accordingly, from April, vehicle maintenance frequency will be reduced by 33%, customers only need to maintain the car at 7,500 km or 6 months, the first 3 maintenance free time, reduce the total maintenance cost for 3 years. up to 50%.

The company ensures to have enough spare parts to provide customers with two warehouses in the South (Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai) and one warehouse in the North (Hanoi) with more than 500,000 spare parts. Besides, Long Binh warehouse in Dong Nai is about to be expanded to increase the number of spare parts. Parts ordering agents in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi can receive goods within the same day. To improve the quality of after-sales service, Vietnam Suzuki will deploy 23 training courses for various maintenance skills within 3 months from October across the country.

Suzuki is currently one of the brands with the lowest maintenance costs among Japanese carmakers.  Photo: Vietnam Suzuki.

Suzuki is currently one of the brands with the lowest maintenance costs among Japanese carmakers. Image: Vietnam Suzuki.

Details of the promotion in October:

Tourist car line

Promotion for borrowers to buy cars at Vietcombank, BIDV and Vietinbank, including VAT

Promotion borrowers to buy cars at other banks or pay in cash, including VAT

Brand new XL7

Interest rate for the first 6 months and material insurance (equivalent to 25 million)

Physical insurance and genuine leather seats (equivalent to 25 million)

Ertiga Sport

Interest rate for the first 6 months and 50% of registration tax (equivalent to 42 million)

50% registration fee and material insurance (equivalent to 42 million)

Ertiga Limited

Ertiga 5MT


Physical insurance (equivalent to 10 million)

New Ciaz

50% registration tax (equivalent to 30 million)

Commercial vehicle line

Promotional value, including VAT

Carry Pro (all tanks)

100% registration tax and other registration fees (equivalent to 25 million)

Carry Trucks (all tank types)

50% registration fee and other registration fees (equivalent to 25 million)

Carry Blind Van

50% registration fee (equivalent to 10 million)



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