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Teeth Cavity: The problem of tooth decay has increased in children and youth! Protect yourself with these 3 measures

Despite being an important part of health, many people ignore dental health. By brushing regularly twice a day, we can keep our teeth healthy but many people do not even pay attention to it. We forget that our overall health depends on the health of our teeth.

Nowadays, the problem of tooth decay has become common among children to youth. The problem of rot due to sweets, chocolates etc. can become more serious during the festive season. Dental specialist Diksha Batra has given 3 ways to prevent cavity i.e. decay in youth and children, which can be followed to keep the teeth healthy.

Take care of teeth cleaning

Dr Batra says that we use our teeth from morning till evening but when it comes to cleaning it, we can hardly give two minutes to brush. They say that very little attention is paid to the maintenance of the teeth, which leads to the problem of decay.

For cleaning teeth, we should use battery operated brushes. Or use a brush as prescribed by our doctor. Toothpaste should be such that along with our teeth, gums also strengthen. Toothpaste should be chosen only after consulting a doctor. Cleaning your tongue with a tongue cleaner is also a must after every brush.

Use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash Dr Batra says that while choosing toothpaste, keep in mind that it contains fluoride content. Similarly, while using mouthwash, keep in mind that it contains fluoride content. This protects the teeth from decay and keeps the teeth from breaking down early.

Do not let any kind of layer settle on the teeth- After eating, when we do not clean the teeth properly, then some part of it remains stuck on the teeth. Here bacteria grow and build up acid and form a layer on the enamel of our teeth. Therefore, after eating anything, clean the teeth well and brush it before sleeping in the morning apart from at night.

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