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Tensions on post-Brexit fishing in Jersey: “What is happening at the moment is unprecedented”

From Carteret, where he is from, in good weather, we can see the houses of Saint-Hélier, the port of the small island of Jersey, 15 nautical miles away, or about an hour of navigation. It is in the calm waters of the bay of the British pebble that Romain Davodet, 40, has been fishing for fifteen years the most beautiful blue lobsters, whelks and other cakes, which will then go to the tables of the great French chefs: Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy, Pierre Troisgros… Each year, his small business generates between 250,000 and 300,000 euros in turnover. A great success for the one who joined the very closed Collège culinaire de France, an institution of French gastronomic culture, in 2017.

Jersey: how the fever has climbed in recent days between London and Paris

But that was before. Before the Brexit comes to disrupt the fish catches off the bay of Granville. Before the Anglo-Norman island called into question the trade agreements which governed the activity of fishermen and their relations in the maritime zone. ” What is happening at the moment is unprecedented. In

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