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‘Terrible roars from the street’

A child suddenly cried out or an old man was startled to drop his cup on the ground as a large cubic meter galloped across the street.

In the middle of the summer afternoon, when I was half asleep, I suddenly heard the roar of the engine from the beginning of the street to the end. For a split second, I heard a baby crying, then I heard the sound of a glass shattering along with the sound of a neighbor’s car.

The previous day, in the middle of the night, the quiet space was suddenly torn by the roars of three or four large displacement vehicles passing by. In my anger, I wish for a chair or a brick to be thrown to the sound of the motorcycle engine.

Not to mention when traveling on the road, often hearing the roar of giant cars rushing, making many road users unable to avoid fear. These cars often go fast, noisy, and give off quite hot heat. When meeting these cars, many people, most of them women, panicked and quickly drove the car to the sides of the road. I witnessed an old woman falling off her bicycle from being startled when a large displacement bike sped past her. The insecurity and unsafety for road users from these vehicles is quite large.

Maybe I don’t understand the logic of large displacement bike enthusiasts? I also don’t understand if the relatives of the other large displacement riders are bothered or even inhibited by those roars. I just know, passion can’t affect the people around. Apparently, manufacturers make these cars not to “squeal” in the street.

I want to share my feelings to those who use large displacement vehicles have a more civilized way to satisfy their personal passions, without affecting everyone’s life.

Readers Nguyen Van


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