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Tesla asked not to sell ‘Made in China’ cars

IndiaTransport Minister Nitin Gadkari asked the US electric car company to avoid selling cars made in China in India and should manufacture locally.

Gadkari made the request as the US electric car company prepares to enter the promising market of the South Asian country. Specifically, during a talk at the India Today Conclave event on October 8, Gadkari said that Tesla should “make cars in India, sell in India and export from India”, and rely on the local supply chain. direction.

Tesla models in India will be priced from $46,700 and the government will support the US automaker’s needs to make a breakthrough, Gadkari said.

The Model 3 could be the first Tesla model sold in India. Photo: Motor Trend

In August, Tesla received approval to manufacture or import four models into India, according to a post on the transport ministry’s website. Tesla currently manufactures electric vehicles at plants in the US and China, and is awaiting approval for a new plant in Germany.

Tesla will soon set foot in India and has already started marketing, Gadkari said. The minister also said that there is another US company, but did not name it, like Tesla and has started production in India.

Gadkari drove a Tesla and commented that the car is light and beautiful. He also said that similar technologies are already available in India.

In the past time, Tesla has been actively lobbying in the South Asian country, seeking to reduce taxes on electric vehicles that it wants to import and sell here.

In India, imported cars are taxed at 100% if the CIF price (cost, insurance and freight) exceeds $40,000, or petrol and diesel engines with a larger capacity of 3 liters and 2.5 liters, respectively. liter. For cars with a CIF price of less than $40,000, the import tax is 60%.

Tesla’s first car model sold in India could be the Model 3, with prices from 46,700 USD, which means that according to regulations will be taxed at 100%. The car is expected to launch in December.

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