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Tesla car owners install a camera on the brake pedal in case the car fails

ChinaDrivers will have proof in the event of a Tesla car crash, whether it is their fault or not.

In the aftermath of crashes where Tesla thought customers were at fault, some Tesla owners in China decided to install cameras to record what was happening on the pedals, especially the brake pedal, according to the report. Fast Technology.

The camera is mounted on the floor of the Tesla car, near the pedals, especially the brake pedal. Image: Fast Technology

Developments related to the incident became tense after Zhan Yazhou protested at the Shanghai auto show last year, claiming that the brake on her Model 3 was faulty. The Chinese government is pressuring Tesla to address the country’s quality problems. The company apologized and set up a special handling team. Yazhou asked for money. Tesla declined.

Fast Technology posted two pictures of Tesla cars fitted with cameras facing the pedals. The owners said that if they had any accidents, they would post a video of how they used the accelerator and brake pedal to prove they were not at fault.

The safety problems of Tesla vehicles now seem increasingly tense in China. One video showed a security officer at a department store refusing to let a Tesla into a parking lot, saying “get your brakes fixed and come back”.

Shooting a video of the brake pedal to avoid being accused of making a driving mistake is a strong signal that these customers don’t trust Tesla as a neutral source in the event of an accident. If the company’s image is associated with quality problems and reliability concerns in the world’s largest auto market, Tesla’s factory in Shanghai could have major export problems.

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