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Tesla cars must ‘go round’ before being sold in Texas

AmericaThe electric car company has to move cars made in Texas out of state territory and then bring it back to sell to customers here.

One of the reasons Tesla built the factory in Texas was to reduce shipping costs to the eastern part of the United States. But the company found itself in a difficult situation when it had to take the car out of the state before it was sold here.

Currently, Texas is one of many US states that still do not allow Tesla to sell cars directly to customers and require the company to use third-party owned dealers to do business. While Texans can now buy Tesla cars online, the transactions and vehicles still have to go out of state before coming back and being delivered to a new owner.

Tesla Model Y – the best-selling electric car in the US in the first months of 2021. Photo: Car and Driver

Recently, two bills were submitted to the Texas legislature with the potential to change existing regulations. However, no draft was approved. It seems that Tesla will have to wait for another opportunity in 2023 when the body meets again.

Tesla’s $1.1 billion plant in Texas is expected to begin production of the Model Y and Cybertruck pickup later this year. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company plans to hire up to 10,000 employees for the factory by 2022.

Tesla, or even Elon Musk, is considered an unpleasant “outside” in the auto industry. One of the things that makes the American electric car company different is its strategy of selling cars directly to customers, not through the dealer system like the traditional model. Even in March 2019, Elon Musk also wanted to close all showrooms, only selling cars online.

Currently, Tesla is allowed to sell cars directly in 12 US states, with almost total freedom to do business. In eight other states, it can do business this way, but is limited to the number of stores. And many other states are banned outright, including Texas.

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