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Tesla Model 3 crashes after running

Tesla admits problems with the Model 3 have resulted in the car dropping the bumper after running through the puddle.

Many car owners shared that the Model 3 had some problems with the rear bumper falling off when driving in heavy rain or through puddles. That’s unusual and Tesla says it’s investigating the situation, but has never received a response from the automaker. Some car owners have raised issues with Tesla under warranty repairs when the company argued over the depth of water that owners drove over.

A Model 3 dropped the rear bumper. Image: Electrek

Page Electrek reported a design flaw in the Tesla Model 3 that resulted in sand and water getting stuck under the car. According to Eric Bolduc – a shop owner of anti-rust body shop in Quebec, Canada, who also specializes in Tesla cars – has recorded the details causing the problem and believes the hole accidentally puts pressure on the rear bumper . In addition, details could have been related to the rear panel, and Eric witnessed this problem on many Model 3 models.

At the time, Tesla once again said it was looking into the matter, but has yet to receive a response from the company. By the beginning of this year, when a video of the Tesla Model 3 losing its rear bumper in a puddle of water spread, Tesla had to admit design errors on vehicles manufactured before May 21, 2019.

Tesla wrote in a service announcement: “On rare occasions, parts of Model 3 vehicles produced at the Fremont factory before May 21, 2019 may fail when the vehicle passes through the area. standing water on roads or highways with poor drainage.In these rare cases, the rear bumper may separate from the vehicle, the connector and the body of the vehicle may also be damaged. Damage caused in the above cases is warranted “.

Tesla is quick and proactive to fix problems, but this is just one of many errors it has encountered. It took the electric carmaker more than a year since the defect was first reported and repaired, and two years before Tesla admitted the problem.

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