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Tesla will share charging stations with other automakers from the end of the year

The US electric car company plans to open the Supercharger charging system to other electric vehicles later this year, according to Elon Musk.

Tesla’s fast charging system, which now has more than 25,000 charging ports globally, gives it a competitive edge that is hard to compare against rivals. Specifically, while Tesla is completely independent on the charging system, other companies must form alliances or invest in startups when entering the electric vehicle market.

Supercharger charging stations were originally exclusive to Tesla vehicles. Image: Tesla

But now, products from other brands can charge with the same system as Tesla cars, according to what CEO Elon Musk said above. Twitter July 20: “We are opening the Supercharger system for other electric vehicles by the end of the year in all countries.”

In June, Germany’s transport minister said it was convincing the US electric car company to open the Supercharger charging system for other car manufacturers to use.

In the US, on January 31, US President Joe Biden announced a plan to build infrastructure worth 2.3 trillion USD, including 7.5 billion USD for electric vehicle infrastructure, including electric vehicles. charging station.

Charging system suppliers such as Blink Charging Co, EVgo Inc, ChargePoint Holdings Inc and Volkswagen’s Electrify America are all building similar systems across the United States.

Upgrading charging systems across the US could encourage people to buy electric cars, giving General Motors and Ford an extra edge against Tesla.

America – England (according to the Reuters)


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