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Tet Tan Suu, what do Vietnamese search on Google?

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 19:22 PM (GMT + 7)

The coming of the 2021 Lunar New Year, together with worries about a new outbreak of COVID-19, is making returning home to celebrate Tet become the top concern of the Vietnamese this year.

Concern about the risks associated with a new outbreak of COVID-19 translation has shown in Vietnamese searches on Google during the Tet holidays.

According to statistics from Google Trends, the search trend for the topic “home to Tet” has increased 650% in the past week. At the same time, keywords such as “pay for a plane ticket for Tet 2021”, “can you return to your hometown for Tet holiday”, “should you return to your hometown for Tet holiday” and “will you be quarantined for Tet the most prominent keyword trending search last week.

The fact that students are entitled to early Tet holidays due to the influence of translation is one of the changes that parents are extremely concerned about. The top keyword in the list of outstanding search trends related to the Tet theme last week is “provinces for early Tet holiday”, with a search rate of 5,000%, keyword “Hanoi for students to take leave. Early Tet “is also on this list.

Popular keywords for Tet topics in the past 7 days:

1. The provinces let students take a Tet holiday early

2. Return tickets for Tet 2021

3. Can I go home for Tet?

4. How to prune incense on 23rd Tet

5. Coteccons awarded Tet

6. Should we go back to our hometown for Tet?

7. Will I be quarantined for Tet?

8. Does Tet 2021 have fireworks?

9. Hanoi for early Tet holiday for students

10. Bank holidays

However, Tet is still one of the most important traditional festivals, and is paid great attention by Vietnamese people. In the four weeks leading up to Tet, the theme of Tet has always been in the top of the top search trends in Vietnam, with the search rate increasing by more than 125% and still on the rise.

Regarding the Tet theme, the keyword “lunar calendar” has increased the search rate by more than 60% in the past month.

The topic of “flower arrangement” tends to find a breakthrough, the most popular keyword is “how to arrange beautiful willow flowers” with a search rate of over 5,000% in the past month.

The lucky money is also a breakthrough topic in Vietnam last month, with the most popular keyword “how to make a lucky money”. In addition, the keyword “lantern” has an increase of more than 500% in the search rate, while the keyword “trees on New Year’s Day” increases by more than 350%.

Tet is definitely indispensable for the taste of traditional homemade dishes. In particular, topping the list of keywords related to “how to” and “how to cook” on the theme of Tet are not popular dishes such as banh chung, banh tet, or braised meat, but “how to cook”. “How to cook bee tea”, followed by “how to cook bee tea”.

Besides, other Tet dishes also began to appear in the list of popular searches such as “how to dry shredded chicken”, “how to make fish sauce”, “how to make spring rolls” …

Popular keyword topic “how to”, “how to cook” in the past 7 days

1. How to cook tea warehouse

2. How to cook bee tea

3. How to cook soup growing

4. How to make shrimp potato rolls

5. How to make dry chicken shredded

6. How to make meat pickled fish sauce

7. How to make beef soaked in soy sauce

8. How to make coffee sponge

9. How to make apricot blossom quickly

10. How to make spring rolls

The demand for food items, traditional items and gifts for Tet holiday has also increased significantly. In which, “where to buy a jar of rice”, “where to buy camellia” are the two most popular keywords last week according to the phrase “buy … where”. In addition, red packets, incense sticks, candles are some of the items that users find to buy a lot in the past.

Trending keyword topic “buy … where” in the past 7 days

1. where to buy rice jars

2. Where to buy camellia

3. Where to buy genuine Korean ginseng

4. Where to buy vermicelli

5. Where to buy beautiful red packets

6. Where to buy candles

7. Where to buy incense and incense burst home

8. Where to buy delicious cherries

9. Where to buy Tet cakes?

10. Where to buy the candy tower decorations

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