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‘Thank you Korean cars’

Thanks to the appearance of Korean cars, Japanese cars are less arrogant and Vietnamese people will benefit.

Let me start a story that has nothing to do with cars. About 20 years ago, Japanese motorbikes, typically Honda, Suzuki … with Dream II, Future, Viva models … overslept on victory for a very long time. Vietnamese people put their neck out to buy a motorbike for about 30 million dong, but at that time this amount was very large.

And then Chinese cars appeared and landed in Vietnam, with brands such as Lifan, Sufat … creating fever for the Vietnamese. With acceptable quality, Chinese motorbikes are abundant in the market, bustling buying and selling, with many classes of use. Because it is simply cheap (10-12 million), the quality is suitable for the tight Vietnamese pocket at that time.

At this point, the new Honda and Suzuki were startled because they lost market share and were forced to produce cheap motorcycles. And so Wave Alpha was born, priced from 11 million, the Vietnamese fever again.

Well, if there are no Chinese motorbikes flooded in, Japanese carmakers lose market share, it is easy for us to have a Honda Wave Alpha to go with “soft” prices.

If we don’t have a Chinese motorbike, we have to pay a huge amount of money to own a motorbike, while having to worry about it, the income of people is among the poorest in Southeast Asia.

Going back to the automobile story, imagine if there is no Korean car, Japanese carmakers continue to force us to spend huge amounts of money to own a four-wheel, which I firmly believe is the minimum option price “universe”. Still know that the business must be profitable, but taking advantage of the less competition and leaving the price in heaven, the first loser is the Vietnamese.

Instead of arguing which car is better, we should thank Korean cars, because so Vietnamese we only have to spend less money to buy safety, rain and shade. Thanks to Korean cars, Japanese automakers will produce or import cheap cars to sell to us.

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Readers Nguyen Trung Phuong


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