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The 2021 Music Festival limited by a strict health protocol

Shows only seated, ban on “Impromptu concerts” in the street or in bars-restaurants, health pass required in places accommodating more than 1,000 people: the Ministry of Culture published this Tuesday, June 8 the health protocol in force for the Music Festival.

Is the vaccination passport a fair idea?

Usually symbol of the “Spontaneity”, the Music Festival will be “Particularly complex to organize” in 2021 because it will have to “Be adapted to the current health situation” to ensure “The safety of all, while being part of the process of resuming cultural activities”, explains the ministry.

Therefore, “No exemption or tolerance is provided for the evening of June 21” on the curfew hour set at 11 p.m. “Impromptu concerts by musicians, especially amateurs on public roads will not be authorized so as not to create gatherings”, adds the document.

No indoor concerts

For the same reason and like last year, concerts will not be allowed in bars and restaurants either, and “Instructions will be passed to the prefects to prohibit them by decree”.

The risks of contamination are increased indoors with the edges, “Wind instrument, indoor consumption without mask” and the “Risk of not respecting barrier gestures in an atmosphere” festive, notes the ministry.

Everywhere in France, a Music Festival without barrier gestures or masks that worries

Furthermore, “Only seated configurations will be authorized, in order to facilitate flow management and avoid groupings and gatherings which will still, at that time, be prohibited”.

Establishments open to the public, both indoors and outdoors, must apply a 65% gauge and cannot accommodate more than 5,000 people. Finally the health pass “Will be required” for any establishment welcoming more than 1,000 spectators, indicates the document.

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