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“The Age of Surveillance Capitalism”: The Book That Shakes Silicon Valley

We’ve been hearing about it for months. Since its release a year ago in the United States, Shoshana Zuboff’s book has been praised, commented on and discussed widely beyond the usual limits of a digital text. Barack Obama himself has made it one of his favorite readings of the year 2019, that is to say … Yet, at first glance, the thesis of this American researcher, professor at Harvard and specialist in technologies since the end of the 1980s , does not shine by its fundamental originality. She postulates that we have entered a “New economic order”, consisting of the extraction and use of personal data by the giants of Silicon Valley – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. She calls it “Surveillance capitalism”, and explains it on 600 pages.

Except that now that its French translation appears and that we have read something other than fragments of it, we can say it: it is a great book. One of those books which set a milestone, a book from which we can discuss, a book which gives an idea of ​​our world that we had not expressed so clearly until then.

“I wanted to write the absolute anti – ” 1984 ””: when Damasio talks about Orwell

The “behavioral surplus”, the raw material of capitalism

Shoshana Zuboff is not content to pose a concept on the system – already well documented – installed by the giants of the digital economy. She inscribes it in a story and shows how it is a rupture. The capital

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