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The Assembly adopts the bill on the health pass at first reading after intense debates

Fight against the resurgence of the epidemic doped with the Delta variant or fight for public freedoms … At the end of a sleepless night of intense debate, the Assembly voted this Friday July 23 the new anti-Covid bill with the key is the controversial extension of the health pass and compulsory vaccination for caregivers.

The legislative sprint promised by the executive took on the appearance of an obstacle course even before the right-wing majority Senate took up this burning text on Friday.

“Let us move forward, please”: Véran puts pressure on the deputies to accelerate the debates on the health pass

The government is aiming for the bill to be adopted before the end of the weekend at the end of the exceptional parliamentary session. Because with 22,000 contaminations in the last 24 hours, the highest since May 5, the epidemic is on the rise again.

1,200 amendments

“The health situation is worrying”, underlined the Minister of Health Olivier Véran who did not cease to urge the hemicycle to contain the fire as quickly as possible. “There is an urgent need to legislate […] The health pass, we need it right away “.

Strongly contested by a fringe of public opinion, the bill reflects the announcements of July 12 by Emmanuel Macron. And makes sparks. It was adopted by 117 votes for and 86 against.

The debates which ended around 5:40 am were bitter and rough, with oppositions whitewashed by a constrained schedule. Almost 1,200 amendments have been reviewed since Wednesday afternoon.

LFI warns “against stigma”

Thus LR, who mostly abstained, did not wish to give any “Blank check” and warned against wanting to put the “Country under a bell” regretting that the debates did not allow us to “Remove ambiguities” on a health pass comparable to “A daily passport”, according to deputy Philippe Gosselin.

The exam session “Was a big joke”, estimated the socialist Lamia El Aaraje who pleaded in vain for compulsory vaccination, while tackling the “Permanent delay” of the government. PS, LFI and PC voted against the text.

How the fake health pass business is growing on Snapchat and Telegram

If the vaccination obligation extended to caregivers, firefighters or professionals working with the elderly is almost a consensus, voices have however been raised, especially at LFI and sometimes on the right to put in “Guard against stigma” caregivers.

Controversy over the dismissal of workers without a pass

Already partially in force since Wednesday, the extension of the health pass, scheduled for early August in coffee shops that the government presents as the best weapon in the face of the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic, has unleashed criticism .

A provision in the new text paving the way for dismissal of workers in establishments receiving the public who refuse to obtain a health pass has particularly fueled the controversy.

The fourth wave is not “an epidemic of young people but of the unvaccinated”

A “Brutality” for LR Patrick Hetzel or even a “Monstrosity” for the socialist Christine Pires-Beaune despite a government amendment intended to soften the contested provision.

Rare amendment of parliamentary origin adopted, the penalty sanctioning the fraudulent use of the health pass of five years of imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros has been abolished.

Anti-health pass demonstration scheduled for Saturday

Much to the chagrin of the oppositions, the government on the other hand reversed two amendments voted during the examination of the text with a new vote which notably remitted the obligation of the health pass for non-urgent patients or visitors in establishments of health and retirement homes.

In a hemicycle whose benches remained provided throughout the night, the majority united but a few dissonant voices were heard such as those of the marchers Pacôme Rupin, opposed to the pass, or Stella Dupont, in favor of more “Flexibility” in the text.

“The Delta manages to sneak”: immunity put to the test of the new variant

The compulsory isolation of patients intended to break the chains of contamination has been likened to a slide towards a ” Totalitarian regime “ by MP Martine Wonner, muse of the covidosceptic galaxy.

“The vaccine, we are debating it, the pass, we do not want it”, was the slogan of a demonstration of 200 people Thursday in Paris in front of the Senate, at the call of François Asselineau (UPR). BFMTV journalists were attacked by protesters and the 24-hour news channel said it was going to file a complaint.

A new demonstration against the health pass is scheduled for Saturday in Paris, Place du Trocadéro.

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