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The author of the racist attack on a delivery man in Cergy sentenced to two years in prison

Cyril Hanouna, a cold pizza, a course in the history of slavery … After a tragicomic and highly charged hearing, the Pontoise court sentenced, Thursday, July 8, to two years in prison the author of the assault which had targeted a black delivery man in front of a restaurant in Cergy.

With a hot temper, this 23-year-old interim forklift truck driver was convicted of racial violence, public insults and apology for crimes against humanity. In addition to his prison sentence, Mourad D. was banned from staying in Val-d’Oise.

Faced with racist attacks, delivery men are mobilizing this Friday

“We did my trial on Insta ‘”

The facts date back to May 31. At around 11 p.m., a delivery man from the UberEats platform was beaten up when he came to pick up an order at the restaurant “Le Brasco”. In front of the establishment, Mourad D. was waiting for a pizza he had just ordered. The young man, annoyed by the volume of the loudspeaker carried by the delivery man on his bike, then started hitting him. The tumult caused by this altercation had alerted a black neighbor living above Brasco.

In response to this woman’s arrests, Mourad D. had dumped on her dumpsters of racist insults while she was filming him with her cell phone: “You negress, you dirty black (…) For eight hundred years, you were sold like cattle”.

> Be careful, the video contains remarks that may shock:

“We did my trial on Insta ‘(Instagram), on the networks, in detention, outside …”, got annoyed at the opening of the debates the defendant, quick to nervousness. “There, today, it’s the real one”, replied the president of the criminal court, Pierre Auda, willingly caustic.

“A person who comes from the islands”

Mourad D. maintained that due to the night he could not see that the neighbor was black. This is “By his accent (…) that I immediately recognized that he is a person who comes from the islands”, he said of the second victim, of Ivorian and South African nationalities. The young man denied having fled, and assured to have returned home peacefully with his order. False, denounced the neighbor who came to testify: “When he saw that the police were coming, he pretended to take his pizza quickly even though it had been ready for twenty minutes”.

This aggression had a major impact. Posted online, the videos had notably tipped the case into hysteria. In a few hours, social networks were packed, the name and address of the suspect thrown in the internet. An online kitty had even been opened to put a price on his head. “We called my best friend and offered him 2,000 euros to tell him where I was! “, got carried away Mourad D.

Less than 24 hours after the events, while Mourad D. was not yet arrested, the popular program ” Do not touch My TV “ gathered on its tray several of the protagonists of the affair. “Cyril Hanouna has become a judicial police officer! “, David Curiel, the defendant’s lawyer, strangled himself.

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