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The auto industry needs more support for electric vehicles

AmericaA lobbying group is pushing policymakers to better support the introduction and production of electric vehicles.

A report released by the Automotive Innovation Coalition states that the auto industry is “on the cusp of a transition” and “substantial, long-term investments in electrification, as well as advanced safety technologies. Progressive “is needed.

An electric car model. Image: Carscoops

The Alliance also noted that a comprehensive national vision and “strategy rooted in economic, social, environmental, and cultural realities” is needed if the United States continues to be at the forefront of development and electric vehicle application.

The report also pointed out that China has already established dominance in the electric car race with its battery supply chain and its production capacity is very good. Europe is also developing its own supply chains while Japan is committed to supporting technological advances with fuel cells.

“The auto industry has long been the economic engine of the nation, and it is poised to continue to be the cornerstone of American innovation and manufacturing for decades to come,” the lobby group said. .

However, realizing this potential requires cooperation and creativity between all stakeholders. This is an opportunity to open up new possibilities and together have a fresh, holistic view of what will need to materialize a shared vision for a cleaner, safer, smarter future.

President-elect Joe Biden also strongly supports electric vehicles and has promised a $ 400 million public investment in clean energy including battery technology and electric vehicles. He also wants to set up 500,000 new charging stores nationwide by the end of 2030, up significantly from the existing 29,000 charging points.

The Alliance also requested support to encourage investment in research and development, as well as production, that is essential.

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