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‘The best car is the most suitable car’

If you buy a low-priced car, don’t lower the more expensive ones, because your car won’t be “high” any more.

I see in Vietnam there is a rather bitter but very tasteless argument about which country’s car is better. Perhaps most of the people involved in this debate are those who rarely ride and know little about cars.

Firstly, each country (Germany, Korea, Japan, USA…) has many different car manufacturers. The quality of one brand is not representative of another. Even these companies themselves also do malicious ads, attack weaknesses to implicitly lower their opponents, can see the traditional confrontations of Honda, Mazda and Toyota.

Second, each company also has different car lines serving different customer segments. People who criticize Japanese cars don’t invest in driving experience with German cars because they don’t ride vehicles that are made for people who require driving experience. Out of the ten cars, the driving experience is good, and the price is average “Carbuyer” Voting, Japanese automakers have up to three representatives.

Third, even if the car is the same model, it can be different from the make and model of the vehicle. During a car recall in Australia, my colleague and I had the same car model, the same year of manufacture, but when I entered the VIN, my car was not recalled, and my colleague had to return it for repair. A friend I knew after studying in Italy decided to buy a Fiat, but then had to sue for a refund. But even so, she still said she bought a lemon (lemon – referring to a defective product), but the Fiat car was still very good with her experience in Italy.

Therefore, the classification of vehicles by country is purely emotional, not based on any scientific basis and does not provide any guarantee for this classification. Sorting cars by price is also not the way of a smart consumer. The automaker can invest a lot in a feature you don’t need. Of the ten most useless features Goliath Voting can include a rather expensive feature is the warning light on how to drive waste gas.

My car has two features that are very useless to me: lane departure warning and rear collision warning (not reverse obstacle warning). Mercedes once claimed that one of their cars has 6,000 parts up to the snail, while Toyota has only about 3,000. So Toyota can’t spoil the parts it doesn’t have. But the question is, are those details necessary for you?

I think car buyers should specifically consider the type of car they buy based on personal needs and financial conditions, rather than getting into a pointless argument. If you have poor parallel parking, choose one with good automatic parking assist. If you often have to get in and out of the highway, choose the type of fast acceleration to be safe. If you are often stuck in the city, perhaps the smart fuel saving mode will help you.

Not all car companies can do what they promise, so look for objective and scientific reviews. Information about after-sales warranty is also very important. Remember that cars in Vietnam can be different from the rest of the world, so look for reviews in Vietnam as well. And remember, don’t listen to country-based reviews.

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