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‘The best car only determines 50% of life’

Safe sitting in a car or not depends quite a lot on foreign factors.

Reading articles about whether to ride a car or motorbike I see many conflicting opinions. Be a regular reader of the forum Vehicle / VnExpress, following all the posts, so I would like to take the risk of sharing my personal opinion on this from the article ‘I never thought of going on a motorbike’.

Choosing a vehicle or motorbike depends on the economy or individual opinion. For me, each medium has its own advantages and I don’t need to repeat it. In the above article, the author thinks that riding a car is 99% safer. But in my opinion this should be 50%. The reason is because the remaining percentage must be divided equally among other traffic factors, such as: your skills, your vehicle and the truck driver across the street safely, driving the container on the left do you look closely when changing lanes, does the large truck behind you keep a safe distance, does the car in front have quick brakes, or even a vehicle at the intersection ahead has passed red light no more …

There are many factors that affect survival rates when an unfortunate traffic collision occurs, and the higher the odds if you have the advantage. In the remaining 50%, if your car is bigger, your car has a stronger chassis, your car has a higher quality standard … then you have an advantage. So the reason the rich people protect their lives first by buying cars with high standards, extreme safety features and collision advantages such as durable steel frame without deformation, windshield layers, heavy vehicles … and the amount of cash they have to pay for them increases.

Of course, ordinary people like me and some of you have yet to think about it because we are still engrossed in making enough money to buy a car that most basically meets our needs.

Wishing everyone, no matter what means of transport, they always come home safely! Dear!

Readers Hao Tran


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